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homeThing S3

Fully Assembled

High quality resin case

Ships within 2 weeks, waiting on parts

Spare Parts

1 - PCF8574n
1 - INMP441 Mic
1 - IR LED
1 - NPN Transistor
1 - 470ohm Resistor
1 - 1uf Capacitor
6 - M2.5x8mm screws
3 - 10mm push buttons
3 - Female Header 2.54mm

No remote or PCB

Electronics Only

Circuit Board, Spare Parts, and Scroll Wheel assembled

TDisplay S3 not included

Circuit Board

A circuit board to build your own homeThing remote

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homeThing S3

  • Faster processor and larger display
  • Custom PCB for easier setup
  • IR Blaster for controlling infrared devices
  • Internal microphone for Voice Assistant
  • Scroll wheel and 5 configurable buttons
  • USB-C Charging
  • Stemma QT port
  • 3D Printed Nylon PA12 case 

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You can sponsor this project directly on Github 🥰


PCBWay sponsors 3D Printing and PCB assembly costs on this project during the prototyping phase!

They offer 3D prototyping, PCB design and assembly, as well as CNC metal fabrication. Costs are very cheap and the quality is as good as it gets.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring us and other fun projects!

If you want to order a homeThing case, use this link to order from PCBWay

cargo.site sponsors our website!

They make it super easy to keep things pretty and up to date! It’s honestly so much easier than managing our own site, highly recommended!

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