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March Update

Howdy Smart Home Enthusiasts!

I'm thrilled to hear about your interest in our project, and I appreciate your support! As of now, we've received interest from 13 people, which has far exceeded our expectations - thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

This week I've been working frantically to build more devices and set up a store to fulfill your orders.

I bought all of the parts to build 5 more devices. The parts should arrive by mid April, then I will list them for sale. If you're interested in the price for the first 5 ($130usd) you can visit the new store!

For Now, please only buy if you are comfortable doing some debugging, all the help is appreciated

Roadmap Update - March 20th

Here's a quick update on what you can expect in the near future:

Soonest Shipment Date

We're targeting mid April for our soonest shipment, though this is subject to change based on component availability and assembly progress.

Component Status:
  1. Digikey ( Received 5): Our order includes the Adafruit ANO Directional Navigation and Scroll Wheel Rotary Encoder, Adafruit ANO Rotary Navigation Encoder Breakout PCB, PCF8574 GPIO Extender, and Push Buttons. The estimated delivery date for these components is coming up soon.
  2. AliExpress ( Ordered 5): This order includes the TDisplay S3, INMP441 Microphone, and a 3.7V 7x20x50mm 700mAh Lipo battery, with an estimated delivery date of April 8, 2024.
  3. PCBWay ( Ordered 5): We're in the process of finalizing our custom PCB and case designs. PCBWay has provided some feedback on wall thickness so I had to make a small change.
  4. Local ( Not Ordered): We still need to source screws and capacitors locally to complete the assembly.

  • Help!

We're working hard to ensure that everything is in place for a successful launch, but we can always use your help. If you have C++, or Python experience, you might be able to help with some tasks, if so let us know!

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you once again.

Landon Rohatensky
Vancouver, Canada


You can sponsor this project directly on Github πŸ₯°


PCBWay sponsors 3D Printing and PCB assembly costs on this project during the prototyping phase!

They offer 3D prototyping, PCB design and assembly, as well as CNC metal fabrication. Costs are very cheap and the quality is as good as it gets.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring us and other fun projects!

If you want to order a homeThing case, use this link to order from PCBWay

cargo.site sponsors our website!

They make it super easy to keep things pretty and up to date! It’s honestly so much easier than managing our own site, highly recommended!

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