An Open Source Wifi Smart Home Remote Built By You*.

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homeThing is a universal remote platform that works with any smart home.

Control Anything

homeThing starts with a menu similar to an iPod that lets users navigate the different functions of the remote. There’s a clock and battery life at the top of the screen that’s always visible. Lights also get a special menu for setting the temperature and color. 

homeThing can control smart devices like Philips Hue Lights, Sonos Speakers, Nest Thermostats and more! It can also control devices plugged directly into it like light strips, soil moisture sensors or buttons. 

And it’s all open source.

In Any Shape

homeThing can run on any ESP32, but you’ll need a display to see the action! We’ve tested a bunch of different devices that work with homeThing including

  • M5Stack Fire
  • M5Stack StickC Plus
  • LilyGo TDisplay
  • LilyGo TDisplay T4
  • LilyGo TDisplay S3
  • Lilygo TEmbed

Make It Yours

homeThings menu, fonts and colors can be customized by the user to fit their setup and style.


You can sponsor this project directly on Github 🥰


PCBWay sponsors 3D Printing and PCB assembly costs on this project during the prototyping phase!

They offer 3D prototyping, PCB design and assembly, as well as CNC metal fabrication. Costs are very cheap and the quality is as good as it gets.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring us and other fun projects!

If you want to order a homeThing case, use this link to order from PCBWay

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They make it super easy to keep things pretty and up to date! It’s honestly so much easier than managing our own site, highly recommended!

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