An Open Source Wifi Smart Home Remote Built By You*.

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One Remote For Every Screen

Universal Remote

Using WIFI or Infrared, homeThing can control your TV, cable box, soundbar, and streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku, all with one user-friendly device. Quickly switch between listening to music and watching movies with one remote.

Menu Navigation

homeThing features directional buttons for easy menu navigation, a scroll wheel for volume adjustments, and customizable buttons for quick access to your favorite functions.

Direct Control

Take directly control your TV without needing to navigate the TV's on-screen menus. Simply use the remote's screen to adjust settings, switch between devices, or access your shows—all at your fingertips.


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PCBWay sponsors 3D Printing and PCB assembly costs on this project during the prototyping phase!

They offer 3D prototyping, PCB design and assembly, as well as CNC metal fabrication. Costs are very cheap and the quality is as good as it gets.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring us and other fun projects!

If you want to order a homeThing case, use this link to order from PCBWay

cargo.site sponsors our website!

They make it super easy to keep things pretty and up to date! It’s honestly so much easier than managing our own site, highly recommended!

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